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Programme Development


Work with organisations to help build strategic private-public partnership programmes that create a solution for the consumer so as to build caring brands.

Programmes are built by an understanding of the needs of all parties and working ethically and synergistically will all levels of public organisations.

Multi-tiered initiative to increase awareness and the importance of health through:

• Education

• implementation

• Habit formation

Health education is crucial as prevention is always better than cure.

Business Development


We help new business' and NGO's build long-term value from customers, markets, and relationships by:

  • Understanding their market analytic


  • Sets Goals and Develops Action Plans


  • Create the right organisation with the right team


  • Work with them to build their brand


  • Create short, medium and long term expansion plans

Stakeholder Endorsement


When working on programmes, we work to understand where and how these programmes could fit into the WHO Millenium goal so that we can engage or lobby the following stakeholders to endorse the programmes


  • Relevant Ministry or Ministries

  • Medical Associations

  • Universities & Key Thought Leaders

  • Relevant NGO’s

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Promotional Programmes


Build promotion programme that raises awareness, increasing understanding and knowledge, improves teaching skills. This is done through sensitizing those with regular contacts with the children e.g teachers, parents, caregivers etc. We also focus on social marketing that changes attitudes and health risk behaviours in children and the community by extension through Empowerment: Enable, support, control and build individual ownership/responsibility, and Self – Efficacy: build confidence, provide education, skills and resources. Furthermore Reinforcement: Making sure there is repetition to build habits over time.

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