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Mindful Monday Meditation

The 7 benefits of meditation:

  • Focus and concentration

helps you focus on the present thereby increasing your concentration on your daily tasks

  • Self-esteem and self-awareness

Encourages self-reflection without judgement which builds self-esteem

  • Reduces stress

Lower the level of cortisol thereby helping you to relax better

  • Manage Anxiety or Depression

Trains the mind to focus on the present, making one less likely to ruminate on anxious thoughts that can fuel depression

  • Fight addition

Alter brain receptors associated with drug and alcohol addiction, that could reduce the craving for these substances

  • Control Pain

Studies show that meditation can reduce pain in those suffering from post-surgery, acute or chronic pain

  • Loving or kind

Strengthens brain circuits that respond to other's emotions promotes altruistic behaviour and decreases the implicit or unconscious bias responsible for perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

If you are interested please join us every Monday at 8:00 GMP +2 where we practice 15 minutes of meditation and 15minutes of affirmation on zoom:


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